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The 5Cs


When purchasing a diamond, you will hear mention of the 4C's; CUT, COLOR, CLARITY, and CARAT. The 4C's offer a very useful starting point for anyone considering the purchase of a diamond. However, just because two diamonds look the same "on paper" does not mean they look the same to the naked eye. The value of a white diamond is determined by careful consideration based on its own unique 4C's.

At JEWELS For HUMANITY™ we have added an additional "5th C" of purchasing a diamond, and that is: COMMUNICATION. It is estimated that 7 out of 10 women are unsatisfied with their engagement rings. This is a situation that can easily be resolved with communication. Communicating expectations, personal taste and style beforehand will not ruin any surprises that may be planned but will most assuredly enhance the outcome.

At JEWELS for HUMANITY™ we offer our clientele our "Wish List" service. Just stroll through our gorgeous offerings and place 5 or 6 of your most coveted pieces onto your "Wish List". Your special other may view your choices at their leisure and choose from the pre-chosen. This allows an element of surprise without the guessing and pressure of selecting it alone.


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